Diabetes Medications: Understanding The Options

Written by: Kenzie Provencher, Dietetic Intern There are so many different medications for the management of diabetes it can be hard to understand where all the recommendations come from, and why your doctor has recommended one medication over another. In this blog we’ll dive into a brief explanation of some of the considerations for choosingContinue reading “Diabetes Medications: Understanding The Options”

What To Know About Gestational Diabetes

Encountering gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) during pregnancy can be daunting. Some people understandably feel anxious about whether they will develop GDM, and if so, how it will affect the health of their pregnancy. GDM is a common pregnancy complication that occurs in about 10% of pregnancies (1). Yet, it can be helpful to gain moreContinue reading “What To Know About Gestational Diabetes”

Diabetes and Dietary Supplements

Diabetes and Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplement business is a billion dollar industry. It is unregulated by the FDA and is often unsupported by science. However, what if people with diabetes need supplements? What nutrients might be lacking in people with diabetes? What are some reasons that people with diabetes need supplements? Is there any harm in taking them?Continue reading “Diabetes and Dietary Supplements”

Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes Prevention and Management

Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes Prevention and Management

What is a Plant-Based Diet? Plant-based diets are increasingly becoming popular, but the number of people eating plant-based foods is still relatively low and a majority of the world population continues to eat more meat than generally recommended (1).  A plant-based diet, different from veganism or vegetarianism, includes all foods that are derived from plants,Continue reading “Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes Prevention and Management”


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